by Davie Myrrh G. Acuña | April 15, 2021

The Local Government Unit of Tagana-an thru the Municipal Agriculture Office (MAO) headed by Miss Myra Messiah C. Estobo took an initiative to conduct a Barangay Agri-Fishery Outreach Program (BAFOP) throughout all the barangays of the municipality.

The goal of the said outreach was to bring a “one-stop-shop” of all the services provided by the Department of Agriculture and the LGU through MAO to our farmers and fisherfolks of the municipality.  The BAFOP correlate with the goal of the office to reach out our constituents, merely saying “if the farmer or the fisherfolk cannot go to the MAO, the MAO will go to the farmer and fisherfolk.”

The Registry System for Basic Sectors in Agriculture (RSBSA) Enrolment was one of the activities during the BAFOP where farmers and fisherfolk are encouraged to register and comply with the required documents. This is a registry form of the Department of Agriculture (DA) that serves as guideline and basis for DA in providing government -funded services to farmers, fisherfolk and farmworkers such as financial subsidiary and insurance. As of March 4, 2021, a total of 810 farmers and fisherfolks were submitted to the national database of DA.

An Information and Education Campaign (IEC) on African Swine Fever (ASF) was conducted to every barangay to inform all swine growers about the fast growing spread of ASF disease and the strong desire of the Province to prevent its spread. Do’s and don’ts in raising swine were relayed to the farmers through the IEC, flyers were also given to growers and some tarpaulin for posting at the barangay office for the information of public.

Services such as massive anti-rabies vaccination was also given to all the dogs and cats as well as deworming and vitamins supplementation for the livestock of the barangay. Sick pets and livestock were treated. Vegetable seeds were distributed to small and medium-scale vegetable growers.  For rice farmers, rodenticides were also given since rodents attacked rice fields and other field crops during this time. Reading materials were distributed to further inform rice, root crops, and vegetable farmers for their reference on land preparation, crop establishment, and nutrient management among others.

A total of 427 dogs and cats were vaccinated except for four mainland barangays. 150 swine were dewormed, given vitamins, and 16 farmers received rodenticides for their crops. During the entire duration of the activity, strict health and safety protocols were observed and it became successful because of the support of the barangay captains including the officials, farmers, and the fisherfolk community.