by Davie Myrrh G. Acuña | April 30, 2021

April 27-30, 2021 – The provincial Veterinary Office (PVO) personnel headed by the provincial Veterinarian Doc. Life Shiela L. Cubillanes in coordination with the Municipal Agriculture Office headed our Municipal Agriculturist Ms. Myra Messaiah C. Estobo conducted the Serbisyong Panghayop Program of the Provincial Government thru the PVET at the mainland barangays of the municipality  namely Himama-ug, Aurora, Laurel, Union, Lower and Upper Libas.

Activities undertaken were rabies vaccination on dogs and cats, deworming and vitamin supplementation on large cattle, poultry and swine, heat detection and pregnancy diagnosis, artificial insemination to natural heat animals, blood sampling on ruminants to test if the animal is surra-free or infected and examination and treatment of sick animals.   Consultations were also conducted on how to boost the animal production of the farmer-growers.             A total of 104 dogs and cats were vaccinated with rabisin, 10 carabaos and cattle were artificially inseminated and 15 were diagnosed as pregnant carabaos. Several poultries, large and small animals were dewormed and supplemented with vitamins.