Barangay Road in Barangay Aurora

One factor that greatly affects the progress of a city/municipality is its accessibility. In the executive summary of a study conducted by Asian Development Bank (ADB) said, “Roads allow regular contact to the outside world and bring remote areas within the purview of the state and other networks. Such improvements reduce the perception of isolation and remoteness among the poor and very poor.”

From 2019 to present, Municipal Mayor Cesar B. Diaz, Jr. has tirelessly worked towards improving the lives of
Tagana-anons in every way possible. Through proper planning and countless consultations with his subordinates, he had made a lot of infrastructural projects to improve the lives of his constituents. A monument to his leadership, a legacy for the people.

(2019 – 2021)

  1. Construction of Covered Courts Bleacher Phase II (Brgy. Aurora, Tagana-an, SDN)
  2. Construction of Multi-Purpose Hall (Brgy. Aurora, Tagana-an, SDN)
  3. Construction of Flood Control (Brgy. Aurora, Tagana-an, SDN)
  4. Opening & Concreting of Barangay Road (Brgy. Aurora, Tagana-an, SDN)
  5. Rehabilitation of Irrigation Canal (Brgy. Aurora to Laurel, Tagana-an, SDN)
  6. Improvement of Open Drainage Canal and Concreting of Road Shoulder (Brgy. Azucena, Tagana-an, SDN)
  7. Rehabilitation of Drainage Canal (Brgy. Azucena, Tagana-an, SDN)
  8. Construction of River Control Phase II (Brgy. Azucena, Tagana-an, SDN)
  9. Improvement of Birthing Home (Brgy. Azucena, Tagana-an, SDN)
  10. Rehabilitation of RHU Building (Brgy. Azucena, Tagana-an, SDN)
  11. Construction of Perimeter Fence (Brgy. Banban, Tagana-an, SDN)
  12. Construction of Barangay Road (Brgy. Banban, Tagana-an, SDN)
  13. Construction of Open basketball Court (Brgy. Banban, Tagana-an, SDN)
  14. Construction of Covered Court Stage Phase I (Brgy. Cawilan, Tagana-an, SDN)
  15. Construction of Slope Protection (Brgy. Cawilan, Tagana-an, SDN)
  16. Construction of Seawall Phase III (Brgy. Cawilan, Tagana-an, SDN)
  17. Tourism Development/Eco-Park Rock Garden (Brgy. Himama-ug, Tagana-an, SDN)
  18. Repair & Maintenance of Local Access Road (Brgy. Himama-ug, Tagana-an, SDN)
  19. Construction of Irrigation Canal (Brgy. Himama-ug, Tagana-an, SDN)
  20. Construction and Installation of Solar Light Post (Brgy. Himama-ug, Tagana-an, SDN)
  21. Construction of 1 Classroom (Himama-ug NHS Tagana-an Annex) (Brgy. Himama-ug, Tagana-an, SDN)
  22. Rehab/Repair of Irrigation Dam & Canal (Brgy. Himama-ug, Tagana-an, SDN)
  23. Construction of Residual Containment Area (Brgy. Himama-ug, Tagana-an, SDN)
  24. Concreting of Local Road (Brgy. Himama-ug, Tagana-an, SDN)
  25. Construction of Perimeter Fence (Brgy. Himama-ug, Tagana-an, SDN)
  26. Construction of MRF Building 2 (Brgy. Himama-ug, Tagana-an, SDN)
  27. Opening of Farm to Market Road from Tugbongan to Sitio Pajag – On Going (Brgy. Himama-ug, Tagana-an, SDN)
  28. Opening/Concreting of Local Access Road (Brgy. Laurel, Tagana-an, SDN)
  29. Construction of Reservoir (Brgy. Laurel, Tagana-an, SDN)
  30. Construction of CHB School Fence (Brgy. Opong, Tagana-an, SDN)
  31. Construction of Multi-Purpose Building Phase II (Brgy. Opong, Tagana-an, SDN)
  32. Concreting of Pathway (Brgy. Opong, Tagana-an, SDN)
  33. Rehabilitation of Marine Sanctuary guard House (Brgy. Opong, Tagana-an, SDN)
  34. Rehabilitation of Brgy. Port and Seawall (Brgy. Patiño, Tagana-an, SDN)
  35. Construction of Public Market Phase II (Brgy. Sampaguita, Tagana-an, SDN)
  36. Construction of Handwashing (2 units) (Brgy. Sampaguita, Tagana-an, SDN)
  37. Construction of Kitchen with Equipment in Resto Park (Brgy. Sampaguita, Tagana-an, SDN)
  38. Repair of Rooms (Stalls #3 & #4) (Brgy. Sampaguita, Tagana-an, SDN)
  39. Fabrication of Flatform for Water Tank (Brgy. Sampaguita, Tagana-an, SDN)
  40. Construction of Senior Citizen Day Center Building (Brgy. Sampaguita, Tagana-an, SDN)
  41. Construction of Evacuation Center Phase II (Brgy. Sampaguita, Tagana-an, SDN)
  42. Construction of Drainage Canal Phase II (Brgy. Sampaguita, Tagana-an, SDN)
  43. Concreting of Bajawa Road Extension Phase II (Brgy. Sampaguita, Tagana-an, SDN)
  44. Repair of Lady’s Comfort Room (Brgy. Sampaguita, Tagana-an, SDN)
  45. Construction of Perimeter Fence (Brgy. Sampaguita, Tagana-an, SDN)
  46. Upgrading of 4 units Floating Wooden Wharf (Brgy. Sampaguita, Tagana-an, SDN)
  47. Construction of 2 units Floating Wooden Wharf (Brgy. Sampaguita, Tagana-an, SDN)
  48. Construction of New PNP building Perimeter Fence P-I (Brgy. Sampaguita, Tagana-an, SDN)
  49. Additional Materials for Repair of Rooms (Stalls #3 & #4) (Brgy. Sampaguita, Tagana-an, SDN)
  50. Construction of Multi-Purpose Building (Brgy. Union, Tagana-an, SDN)
  51. Rehabilitation of Multi-Purpose Building (Brgy. Union, Tagana-an, SDN)
  52. Construction of Multi-Purpose Hall (Brgy. Talavera, Tagana-an, SDN)
  53. Improvement of Multi-Purpose Building & Evacuation (Brgy. Talavera, Tagana-an, SDN)
  54. Repair of TCES District Office Building (Poblacion)
  55. Construction of ALS Toilet (Poblacion)
  56. Rehabilitation of OLD PNP Building (Poblacion)
  57. Construction of Garden House (Poblacion)
  58. Fabrication and Installation of Quarantine Facility and Doctor’s Cubicle (Poblacion)
  59. Improvement of Tagana-an Level III Water System (Poblacion)
  60. Construction of ECCD Building (Poblacion)
  61. Construction of Perimeter Fence & Guard House (Poblacion)
  62. Fabrication of Tents (14 Nos.) (Poblacion)
  63. Fabrication of Tent (1 No.) (Poblacion)
  64. Fabrication of Steel tables and Benches (Poblacion)
  65. Construction and Installation of Solar Lights Post P-II (Poblacion)
  66. Fabrication of Quarantine Facility (2 Rooms) (Poblacion)
  67. Construction of Brgy. Hall (Upper Libas)
  68. Construction of Brgy. Hall (Aurora)
  69. Concreting of Local Road (Brgy. Himama-ug)
  70. Concreting of Access Road to Eco Park P-II (Brgy. Himama-ug)
  71. Counterpart for Assistance to Municipalities Project (Opening/Concreting of Local Access Road)
  72. Construction of Flood Control (Brgy. Aurora)
  73. Construction of Drainage Canal P-II (Bajawa Road, Brgy. Sampaguita)
  74. Construction of Drainage Canal (Brgy. Aurora)
  75. Construction of River Control Phase – III (Brgy. Azucena)
  76. Construction of Slope Protection (CNHS, Brgy. Cawilan)

Last updated: January 28, 2022